Dial Your Operator

I cannot do this without your help.

One of the many things I love about being in full-time ministry is how it strips away the illusion that I can rely on myself for survival. Without God’s provision, I’m in a heap of trouble. I’m so thankful I serve a God who delights in his children and in providing for their needs!

Practically, there are two ways this is accomplished- through prayer, and through the generosity of His followers. Check out below how you can be a part of both:

1. Give Your Gift:

To be honest, my job and Young Life as a whole, does not exist without the generosity of my friends and family. As I transition from a volunteer to being on full-time Young Life staff, I am responsible for raising my own salary. Your financial contributions will:

  • keep me housed and fed, and pay the necessary bills
  • fill my gas tank so I can go to where students are
  • allow for the one on one meetings that happen over coffee, lunch and dinner with students
  • purchase needed supplies that make weekly bible studies and club events happen

It's my goal to exceed the minimum amount needed for my salary. I'm not doing this so I'll make a higher salary (I won't), but so that during these financially lean times, the other three full time staff members can continue their critical work with the five high schools and 3 middle schools Scottsdale Young Life ministers to. I hope you'll join me in this vision.

It's my goal to raise $50,000. Whew. That's a big number. So I'm asking you to do one thing: pray and ask God if and how he wants you to be a part of making this happen. If you feel lead, click on the button below. You’ll be taken to the Young Life giving website, where you can set up a monthly recurring donation, or make a one-time gift.

Click here to donate

After setting up a new account on the Young Life Giving site, there are two important forms that need to be filled in (see screenshot):

1. Under “A Young Life Ministry”, make sure Scottsdale - AZ28 Urban Ministry is the result.

2. In the “Supporting” Field, make sure it says Steve McCarthy.

Or to donate by mail, just send in a check to the Scottsdale Young Life office. On the memo line, simply write “Steve McCarthy”, and if you would like your gift to be “recurring” every month, include that as well. Please put your email address inside the envelope as well if you would like to stay up to date via my newsletter.

Send Checks to: Scottsdale Young Life 7439 E Earll Dr Scottsdale , AZ 85251

Thats it! Thank you so, so much for your prayers and gifts. I am incredibly excited for this next season of my life and the chance to watch God transform the hearts and lives of countless people.

2. Join my prayer e-newsletter.

Prayer is not a postscript to our ministry; it is it's lifeblood. Frankly, without God, everything we do is pretty useless. I would love for you to become a prayer warrior on my behalf and on behalf of the students at Desert Mountain, where I will continue working. If you would like to receive updates on prayer requests and how those prayers are being answered, click the button below.